a GAIN and a LOST  

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5/17/2006 6:01 am
a GAIN and a LOST

Its the ole mighty
Hump Day!

ok whatever, no Humping around here......

But for it being May 17th!

Well this date takes me back 26 years ago! Yeppers today, I have been graduated for 26 years, from high school. I worked my ass off trying to get that diploma. Damn I hated school, you couldnt tell me that I was going to miss it!

But you know in the long run, I DO miss it. Life was SO much easier back then. Even though at that time, I was under my fathers roof and had to play by his rules.

But oh WELL life goes ON...It was just a cherished moment, That I thought I would share with everyone!

So Have a
Happy Humping Day

DAMN.....I about forgot something.......I also LOST my virginity today, WELL 26 years ago, today. Yip I finally let the ole cherry go on graduation night!

I told you guys I was a GOOD GIRL!....I was just waiting to have that piece of paper in my hand.
Before I got Royally Screwed!

Have a Good One!

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