What should I title this?................  

rm_DarknStar 54F
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7/11/2006 8:24 am

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7/11/2006 4:26 pm

What should I title this?................

Heaven is crying this morning!


I know I know, we got to have the rain to make things grow.

BUT Damn, Why does it have to change the mood?

Down and out, lonely and confused, same old story.
HELL Im having Bloggers Blockage.

I cant really find anything to say. So I just go look at pictures. So then I can write something stupid about it or maybe it will trigger something off in my mind to freakin Blog about!

Im trying to spare all of you guys, of the stories and life with my *FB*. I rant and rant about NOTHING, and I know it gets OLD and you get tired of hearing it!

YEA OK I get fucked on the weekends and Im still miserable over it.

BUT Im the STUPID BITCH that keeps going back and taking his shit.

WHY....I really love his cock and the way it fits in my mouth.....HUmmmmm now Im sounding like a SICK BITCH.

And going out to *FBs* house, is aHell of alot better then sittin at home on the weekends. I hate just sittin here, when the weekend is where I want to go out, WELL get the fuck out of the HOUSE (where I live) blah blah blah

HUH at the moment, watching the race at FBs, is MUCH better than watching it here at home!!
One of these days! Something NEW will cum along, I JUST KNOW IT....God help ME!

and maybe just MAYBE Ill have something NEW to rant and rave on......Something alittle more exciting.......

Hell Im looking to make panties WET!

Cebhion 61M

7/11/2006 10:04 am

I hope you do find a great guy with a great cock who will respect you for who you are, not just want you for what is between your thighs. In my case, my wife and I care about each other, but she just dosen't have much of a sex drive anymore. Often I find myself in agony needing sexual release. Masturbation just dosen't do it for me, so I have found myself in the process of looking for a local FB. One who would also be a friend to talk to and share with, not just an object of sexual release. Hopefully we shall both find what we seek, heh? You are a special lady. Huggs

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