Weekend *SMILES*........Monday Tears!  

rm_DarknStar 54F
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4/3/2006 7:48 am
Weekend *SMILES*........Monday Tears!

I had a Great Road trip! No problems getting there, just got lost one time. THX to having a cellphone, I wasnt lost for very long.

So when I got to where I was suppose to be. OMG! he was more than I thought he would BE! He was a kind and gentle man. He made me feel so comfortable, so warm feeling on the inside. I really had a good time. Which I needed so bad..Just a place to go and relax, just be myself and with someone that wanted to be with me, if it was only to be for alittle while!

You know we all have been there, to go meet someone. and if the comfort zone is there, then we move forward. Yes I ended up spending the night up there with him (he 2 hours north of me). He never pushed himself on me. Actaully in my eyes He made me tooo comfortable. He made me feel like I wanted to feel! and the hardest part of the whole trip, is when you got to say that last goodbye and wonder to yourself will you ever see him again. Who knows time will tell!....

I hate time and I hate will tell. I hate the fact that hes 2 hours away. I hate the fact that I might NOT ever get to see him again. I hate the fact, that when you meet someone, you really like. That they might not like you as well, as you like them. Thats been my streak here lately. The ones I really like, and say time will tell. They end up walking away from me. Without a word! Always tell me, we will always be friends and there only a phone call away!

This is so hard, this morning to blog. I have so much on my mind, and I cant get the words to come out and look good on my screen and its so fucking hard to type, when looking through a waterfalls and your reading glasses begin to fog up!....................I guess maybe, just maybe Im Missing him this morning!

Why is it that a Awesome Weekend, ends up with Monday morning Tears?........................

I have NO REGRETS! of my time traveling and meeting him. I have NO Regrets spending the night with him. I ONLY Regret at this time, I had to say goodbye at the end of my Day!

OH HELL I forgot this is Monday!...I hate Mondays!

As for listing a MOOD: Lost, CONFUSED, Lonely, Sad, Empty, Wishing my number would pop up and the good lord take me NOW! (fuck that would be to easy!)

HELL I just needed to vent!

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