UPDATE on Help Wanted:  

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1/22/2006 10:44 am

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UPDATE on Help Wanted:

UPDATE: I was a FUCKING GOOD GIRL ALL WEEKEND! (well NO real FUCKIN around here, damnit)..wink

ALL I got done these last 4 days is, cook, clean, be the usually taxi, take care of the MUTT (both of them, hehe) and sit on my ass and CHAT! (guess Im a talker)!

I might have had some Better Luck at this, if some of ya didnt live so FUCKIN FAR AWAY!! Touching maybe have been made!!......

& as for the FB, hes working on Saturdays now, so NUNYA there!

ONE Good Thing: I did find a new friend, on here, We have just started emailing and everything going well.

I have been on the phone numberress times with the Best Friend, hes a roit in my life!!

Damn NO FUCKIN...What would my life be without phone or space!..(Quite but REALLY BORING)(damn I might start talking to myself...shit I do that already!!)and YES sometimes I answer back!!...IM CRAZY!!

Im rambling again....I must shut up .....But this NO FUCKIN SUCKS....."pout"

DAMNIT...the phone is ringing again...answering machening caught it....(aaww there callin to sell me some girl skout cookys)...A MUST to RETURN that CALL!!!

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