This is what surfing leads toooo.......  

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2/20/2006 8:46 pm

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This is what surfing leads toooo.......

Just a surfing night, was surfing for a kiss picture, and ran up on this one...I dont know why it popped up, But Im glad it did, changed the mood!

This pic is, SO me, and SO gives me CABIN FEVER.

The smell of the burning wood, and the warm glow of the fire, little sparks dance into the sky.

I like to sit close to the fire, with a long stick of wood(tabacco stick, if ya know what one is) or a branch, and play in the fire. I like to watch the sparks float in the sky. I like to get the end of the stick all charred, and write names on the rocks, that circles the fire pit.

As I sit and play in the fire, I can hear alot of wildlife stirring about. There are deer running down the creek bed, as the coyote howls out, that he is there too. The tree frog sing there song, and the bull frogs on back up. In a far away tree is a whipperpoorwill, hollaring in the night.(I love them birds) For ME, Im always cheated, I cant hear the hoot owl or the barn owl. Damnit, Im gettin old and hearing weak.

There are nights, if you sit long enough, and enjoy the night. You can hear the dew hitting the leaves, it sounds like soft rain.

I really enjoy the night time, when camping. I love to cook supper over the open fire. Nothing taste better, No matter if its the days fresh kill, to roasting cheap ass hotdog. Its still ALL GOOD!

I really hate the pic, I miss those times. Theres not many of us, that sit at the firepit that much, anymore. I guess maybe lives change to fast and we loose sight, of what we used to enjoy!

But as my spring comes into early bloom. If I make it to the camper, one more time. Ill be one of those peeps that didnt forget. What nature sounded like, and what I enjoyed last deer season. (well that was the last time I was at the firepit).

I know deep in my heart, Even though I miss this place, It aint the same! My heart might be there for the moment of glory, to say Im there...BUT MY MIND has changed. and My thinking is not the same.

Damnit....I long to go back to my little get away place!....But..I DONT have you here to share it with!

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