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2/19/2006 5:30 pm

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I'm a Sucker! Have been all my life! Here to spill. Admit Im weak.

I wanted something so bad, thats once again I clear my Saturday, Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, and pushing the, Ill be home after the RACE!!...grin....

Well the sad news: I hung on a prayer that I would get my email or phone call, to tell me to head west. I sat here all day waiting, like a lost pup. 4;30 pm saturday evening, well hell I was still home.So took a ride into town and back by 6, right here on my ass in from of the computer!..Here I set...ONE good thing....I have SPACE keep me going into the Night!

Today, I spent the day in space with another space friend, Hes nervous as hell. Hes SO different, then, I have talked to. Kinda Like listening to a Fantasy.....Just trying to remember it aint real!

But then again, I have other friends that have me hangin, and I love that! Makes ya feel alittle wanted, or needed, someone is alone out there, just like me. Always looking for that something we miss. But not really knowing what it is and what we are looking for!.....

and Crazy Fools that we are, always taking CHANCE! find....WHAT!

So here I set, Waiting! Killin Time! Wishing! Wondering if theres life out there! Dreaming for that fuckin happiness thing that brought me here in the first fucking place!!..Oooopppss almost slipped into a FIT!...nope aint going to do it!...

Have a good evening and I dont really know, how long Ill be here tonight. I DO I have to be at wally world a 8 in the morning!!...

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