Santa last Seen at *Non Be Leave Hers*  

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12/22/2005 7:14 am

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Santa last Seen at *Non Be Leave Hers*

Well god damn! I findly found where Santa went last night.

Heres how our evening went:

After spending all day on the slopes. We decide we were going to go out for dinner. So we headed out to Burgers for Misfits! These people are awesome! They LOVE to see Santa come in and visit. We had a real good time, and every body was glad we came!...(Cheers)

So after leaving Burgers for Misfits. We started walking around to see all the lights in town. It was beautiful.

But after a good dinner and a long day. We thought it would be good for a night cap. We stumbled on a little saloon called, *Non Be Leave Hers. I thought maybe not, but what the hell, its just a name, and Santa looked all cheery to find a place with such a name!

So we headed in to see what was inside, me standing behind my man. We were showed to a corner table, with dim lighting. It seemed to me, that every eye in the place was on us. But as always I over looked it and order our drinks. Me being the female I am, I headed to the powder room.

I turn my back on the old sumbitch for two minutes and the freakin cock sucker, had left the table and wondered through the god for sakin place. YELLIN HO HO HO..and bring us another round! On the juke box was playing STROKE ME!, and well if you cant picture that. In short form, he only had his boots on and his crazy ass hat..and yes strokin himself!

My God I dont think he can handle the witches brew he was drinking. I slipped away in the darkness. Leaving the fat bastard to wallor in his own shit.

He didnt come home this morning. So I started calling around. OOPS I found him and working on it now to get the sorry bastard out!!..

No More Brew for Santa until after His Big Day!!

~~~~Damn *Non Be Leave Hers*~~~

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