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1/21/2006 5:33 pm

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Pet Names

Anybody want to give me a Pet Name?

Ill tell ya the ones that have already been taken and pinned on me! so far!

BITCH: My other half calls me this all the time. We use Bitch, like an everyday word. (it dont hurt, I take pride in my "BITCH" name).....*wink*

FAT FUCK: Other half calls me this, when hes upset and yea sometimes at me!!! (hes got that look, that if he could get ahold of me...well ya know! he dont)

BUT!! ALWAYS A BUT!! (to a woman..wink).when the FAT FUCK starts to fly, Im yellin FAT FUCK right back at HIM!!! (and slammin cabinet doors SHUT)(seems to me at the moment around here the cabinet doors are the Back to the point...rambling here...

SLUT: OMG this is what my best friend in the World calls me! My life would be so empty without him. Hes the BIG brother I never had,(and a whole other story coming soon)...So Im cool with this name...Wear in with a big Smile (only coming from him, of course!)

HO: Sorry I know its misspelled, but thats how its always typed to me and then I get a HI after it....So speaking of my FB, Hes taken the name HO! (Im cool with it for now...I think!)

TRAILER TRASH: I know its said and said by MANY! All I want to say, Its a roof over the head, and I aint living in town, nor city, or what have ya !!! (So Im Happy with Trailer Trash at the moment tooo!!!)

CHEATER: Everybody I meet, see me as one and I know say it in silents and maybe thinking of ME or others here. (always a reason why Im here!! BUT Head hangin down and in reality and by the book!! YES Im a CHEATER)

STUPID CUNT: The guy at the stop light today, Sorry dude I DONT use turn signals, all the time! (WHY and he not knowing why I dont...IM not used to HAVING them, last car handle was broken..had to stick arm out window!!..FUCK THAT!!) (only when COP is seen, rain or shine)hehe

BACK STABBIN BITCH: Guilty! What can I say..1st, I HATE Females! Takes alot to warm me up to one! ..2nd, Step on My Toes and I Will Step on Yours! (proven fact) (and blindly, for one man in my life, sorry about him!!)

OK I think thats it for now! I cant think of anymore Pet Names for me! (those are the ones that stick out and used the most!)

Do you have ONE?

tmdt4u 61M

1/22/2006 8:47 am

proud to say I have never used a one of those discribing you how about LADY

rm_DarknStar 54F
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1/22/2006 9:53 am

Leave Me in a *Blush*....I dont know how to react to that!! (but sounds nice)....THX Shoe!

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