Oh *G* whizzzzzzzzzzz  

rm_DarknStar 54F
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6/16/2006 12:50 pm

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6/17/2006 6:54 am

Oh *G* whizzzzzzzzzzz

Mr *G* Spot

Ok heres a pic of where the *G* spot is located. Well Im not to sure if thats correct or not!

One evening while at my *FB*, we were playing around and he was playing with, and in my ass. and He said, There IT IS. I said, what is it, Worried that something was wrong with me.

He said I found your *G* spot and boy DID he! A big puddle formed under me and I was seeing STARS! OMG

So now I wonder if a *G* spot is in the same place, with ALL women??

I beg to differ with this, for I THINK mines in my ASS! OOPS I cant believe I just typed that. Hangin head with shame, and blushing BIG time. But PROUDLY *SMILIN*

I ALWAYS thought I was different! MAYBE I have two Mr *G* spots!

So off to *FBs* tonight! Once again HUNTING for Mr *G*.....NAH we dont hunt anymore, we play with Mr *G*

RevJoseyWales 69M/66F
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6/16/2006 2:15 pm

Could be! Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

jlooking540 45M

6/16/2006 5:10 pm

Hi again! Funny drawing with the smiley face. It seems like I heard on _Talk Sex with Sue Johanson_ that anal pressure in that direction can push up against the G-spot in the vagina. Men have the prostate gland easily accessible via the ass. I don't of a corresponding gland in women ... but if it works, don't argue with it.

I've never found the g-spot with a woman. Although, I love to eat and finger a girl at the same time, and one FB was very uncomfortable with that. Some female at the time told me I could be hitting her g-spot and causing a 'having to pee' sensation if she didn't know what was going on.

firestarter665 42M/39F

6/16/2006 7:16 pm

Honestly, I think women can have more than one spot to be a G spot.

I know tonight Mr. Fire found mine.

Sounds to me like we are all gettin' some this weekend.

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