OK!! So I took 3 steps back!! AGAIN!!,,,,,  

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12/4/2005 4:15 pm

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OK!! So I took 3 steps back!! AGAIN!!,,,,,

Even though I can laugh about the last pic and post I did!

I ran up on this poem..And yes Deep down I got to thinking..two steps forward and three steps back! So thanks for reminding, what the darkness feels like...

Darkness fills my life every day.
But why it does, I can not say.
No one seems to believe me or the pain I go through.
No one has an idea, not a clue.

Darkness is in my mind and in my sight.
Everything I see is as dark as night.
I know I'm not blind but I can never see the light.
I may never know if things will be alright.
Darkness is in my veins, my skin, my nails and in my hair.
Everyone hates me, it's not fair.
I won't do anything crazy, I'm not that dumb.
But the pain is unbearable, everything is numb.
Darkness is in what I read and write.
Everything will remain locked away tight.
There will be no light to guide me through the dark and despair.
I've always known that life isn't fair.
Darkness is all around me, everywhere I go.
You won't see it but it's there, I know.
No one shall understand my pain or see my tear.
Happiness seems to be my biggest fear.
Darkness goes through me every second of my day.
As I stand and as I lay.
Darkness shall stay with me until I die.
And deep in the shadow, where I'll say goodbye

TO you!! ~~~*THX*~~ again from the bottom of my heart. That push, back into the darkness!!

Now close the door and Good~night!

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