My Morning Crumbled......Changed my Profile!  

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3/2/2006 11:26 am

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My Morning Crumbled......Changed my Profile!

Who AM I! Damn I knew that before I came to this website. Now Im not sure. I have been here on this site for almost a year now. YES I came here for all the wrong reasons. I was here to find HAPPINESS. To find new life, for it had to be better than what Im living now. But over the months I have played the game! This game makes me feel like a TRAMP! This is NOT me at all! I have always been a true hearted person. And when I love, I love for keeps and true to that HEART! (I do not have that now, Thats what I was lead here)

I guess in a humor since: I am a puppy, lost and freighten. And all I ask for is someone to cuddle me, comfort and listen to me. and That in time we grow to the most awesome thing, that two people can have between eachother. This damn puppy would flow you, anywhere. (but in reality, this puppy has papers, saying she belongs to a master. A master that as gave up, and puppy is at the end of her chain, wanting to hang! but the chain just pulls tighter, because theres nowhere to RUN!)

DO NOT read this and feel sorry for ME! It wont work for me, I have heard all the stories I want to hear. I have broken my heart, so many times. Its hard to think what LOVE really is!

I have ONE Special Person in my life. If I, cant have HIM, I wont have any, I give up! Im not playing the game anymore!

One BAD thing about the whole mess here. You got to take ME as I am! I can only be the person that I am on the or not I have papers that says I belong to someone else!...In the eyes and of the law, yes I do. But in the heart, that HEART belongs to YOU!


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