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6/4/2006 3:53 pm

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So this post is brought on by a comment I have recieved. This comment got me thinking I need to do some explaining.

All About Licking Pussy!

When I first meet my husband, he didnt eat pussy at all or when he did, it wasnt nothing to write home about. But over the years together, he seem to get better at it. (Well still not the best I have had!)

After five years with my husband, he findly admitted he was a virgin at eating pussy. He had never dont it. (Damn, Like I couldnt tell THAT) But still I was his first....great I hated it!....damn Im cold!

Anyway...While he didnt eat pussy and I loved to suck cock. It didnt seem fair to me, him get oral and me NOT...So I came up with this rule **NO Lickin, NO Head** and Well it worked for alittle while about 3 months and then back to NO lickin. Still to this day I havent blown him in 5 months.

OOPS I got licked last night by hubby...oops I DIDNT give him head....Damn his luck!!....and I aint going to suck his cock. NASTY

But then I have the *FB*...I dont get licked everytime Im at his house. Well damn yesterday was the first time in a couple of months. BUT MAN when he goes to do the lickin....OMG...its awesome.....

Oh and YES..EVERYTIME I go to his house, he gets his cock sucked...I dont know why its different between the 2 guys (*FB* & hubby) But I just love to suck on *FB* cock....It feels so good and fits so right!

Back to lickin....I have never been with a guy that CRAVED licking pussy...So when I do get a good licking...Im Always wanting more!! Damn show me a girl that doesnt!!

So there....Did I confuse ya more?.....

Its Simple...Im just one of those girls that have never been lucky enough to find that kind of guy...that can give a good lickin, good fuckin, make me totally fucking happy in the bedroom. and I LOVE me for ME!......Damnit! I think maybe thats one reason Im here....LOOKING!

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6/4/2006 5:49 pm

Well, I hate to say, But that is all Hubby likes to do. Sometimes I would trade it for a Big long ride. But he would rather go for an hour with the tongue and a few toys mixed in.
Good Luck in the Hunt, Toys!

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