It ALL started way back.........  

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5/10/2006 12:37 pm

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It ALL started way back.........

My Best Friend..

All started that one day in 4 grade. I wanted to change into shorts, before going out to recess. Two other girls had stayed behind for some other reasons.

Well by the end of recess, a boy in our class found out that someone had been in his lunch box. His snack pack pudding was gone and his little box of raisins.

Me at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Was blamed for getting into his lunch. It was the other 2 girls that did it. But fuck NO one girl lied her way out of it. and the fingers were pointed to me and the other girl.

Well I was blamed to have eaten the raisins. I HATE FUCKING RAISINS! Always have and always WILL. Hell if they would have called my parents and ask them, they would have told them I DONT eat raisins.

But anyway, Me and the other girl (which she did eat the snack pack pudding) We were summons to get "The board", yes have our asses beat by then fucking teachers.

Well they struck the other girl first, damn she cried like a baby! Then It was my turn, bending over to grab my ankles (like I was told) The teacher hit me with "The board" 3 times, Damn, did it sting, and hurt just alittle. For I NEVER dropped that first TEAR! Fuck that teacher, I did NOTHING wrong and was still punished for it. So I wasnt going to give her the pleasure to see me CRY.

And every since that glorious day in 4 grade, Me and the other girl have been Bestest Friends.

We were join to the hip of eachother! We couldnt shit without eachother. We DID everything together, she was the more out spoken one and I fell behind as her follower!

All through high school, we were there for eachother. We double dated together, skip school and tried numerous drugs together. Always finding ways to be together, even though our parents TRIED LIKE HELL to keep us apart. Nothing worked, She was my shadow and I was hers.

After Graduations, a few months later we married brothers. Great we are more closer than ever. Now she was my sister-in-law. But after those marriage didnt workout. We got rid of them assholes and still were like SISTERS!

Im not going to sit here and paint a pretty picture for you. For me and her has had our UP and DOWNS...We have had fights, to where we didnt speak to eachother for months. But something always brought us back together. We have kids, around the same age. and They all grew up together!

Shes like an OLD shoe that I have kicked around, all these years, for she has done the same thing to me.

But still shes My everything, My world, My sister, I hate her and LOve her more and more everyday! We have done SO MUCH shit together! I cant even Believe of living life without HER!

I do believe GOD, Made her for ME and he made me for HER!

We are just 2 Peas in a Pod! and I cant wait for her to get her ASS HOME!!

The pic, was taken last May for our 25th anniversary of being graduated from high school.

lifeisablast333 54M

5/10/2006 2:23 pm

Are ya saying that you are Pod people...?....LOL

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