Cabin Fever-*My Hammock*  

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12/29/2005 10:36 am

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Cabin Fever-*My Hammock*

Where Oh Where is my daydream going to take me today!

To My FUCKIN HAMMOCK! IS where I want to be!! Tears roll down my cheeks and I sit here with major Cabin Fever. I get this way every fucking year. Longing to get my fat ass back into my hammock.

I love the feeling, of gently rocking between two trees, looking up and seeing all the branches and leafs, shading me from the summers heat. (But thinking too, a branch could fall at any god given moment) Still, I lay there! Feeling the gently breeze over my body, only because of the hammock swinging back and forth! Hearing nature at its best!

My best time in My Hammock! and I do it often! (Its a carefree weekend, I dont have to do anything, and I dont have to be anywhere! There NO such thing as a alarm clock, NO clocks Period! Its like time stands still, when Im there)

But swinging my fatass in my hammock, all fucked up of course!....I have taken a few downers (whatever I have at that time) I reach for my Dugout!, and sometimes Ill have wine coolers too!(but not always, I hate drinking)(but there times when) WHAT THE FUCK!!!......grinnin, and theres, those times when I have passed out, in the hammock.

Like sleeping on a cloud!!

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