Bittersweet Reunion  

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6/10/2006 9:38 pm

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Bittersweet Reunion

RoadTrip QUEENS Reunion!

YES! I have my girlfriend here with me now! Right at this moment Sandy is dead on a soft couch, feeling NO pain.

Im Happy that shes here, and at this moment, the time she did in jail made her think. and Think of the right stuff. At this time, she says, she isnt going back to Ohio. But to stay here and straighten up her life. GOD I Hope SO!

She doesnt blame me for this, and Thank God for that. No punches thrown tonight! Just ALOT of talking and HUGS!

Part of this, and what I blogged about, wasnt true. Im sorry for this. But I only knew what I was told. For I never got to talk to her, while she was in jail.

So it WASNT for writing bad checks, this time. She missed a court date. She was told she didnt have to go, if she paid off her fines. OOPS on the freakin county, for there fuck UP!.....imagen that!....assholes.

So just here this evening to give a quick Up Date.

My Bitch Home Safely!......

Maybe wiser

P.S.....Even talked about, this aint stoppin the Roadtrip QUEENS...We will do it, again!

Such FOOLS!!

P.S.S. We found a friend of hers to bail her out this evening. $23.42 NOw she owes HIM!.....

Damn I live around alot of poor ass redneck hillbillies.

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