Allright. Lets get started.  

rm_DarkKnightV 32M
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3/25/2006 7:53 pm
Allright. Lets get started.

OK. Kinda new to the whole Blog thing, so i guess lets get started by sacrificing myself on the altar of dignity.
Have you ever been in a situation where you're trying to be all nice, cheery, and helpful to a stranger in need and end up being the one in need? this happened to me today... and let me tell you... it was the most humiliating experience i have ever had. This nice girl at a restaurant (Names have been omitted due to HIPPA Regulations) who just happens to be really ill and needs to go home, but however isn't capable of driving herself home. well me, being the nice person i am, walk up and say "Hey, I'll give you a ride home." to which she says "Oh thank you, but I'm afraid i can't pay you for it." "Don't worry about it, you've always been nice to me so this ones on the house." i go out to the car and *BAM* it hits me... I have locked my keys in the car. "Well... too late to back out now." I tell myself... and start attacking the car with a coat hanger from the dry cleaners next door. 5 Minutes and about a 3" Strip of door edge paint later, the car is open. I give her a ride home, and all through this situation i keep thinking, "Where is her purse? she must have a set of house keys somewhere..." well. guess what... she left her keys at the restaurant. Drive back to the restaurant, get her purse, go back to the house, drop her off, she asks if i want some coffee. So i figure, what could it hurt? "Sure i would love some." well, here comes the funny part. I go in, and she starts the coffee.. she says "Excuse me a moment, I'm going to change." "OK." I reply hoping that she doesn't go do something unexpected. She comes back into the room completely stark naked! I'm just sitting here thinking "WTF?!" "I'm a nudist.. i hope you don't mind." "No problem at all." I say as I'm choking on my lifesavers mint. I drink this cup of coffee, get a hug from a naked sick girl, (not sure whether to be aroused or concerned at this point)and go to leave. well i get back out to my car, get about half way down the road from her house and my engine dies. Another "WTF?!" moment later and i realize that during the process of me getting coffee that someone has siphoned my gas tank. Now why, may i ask, is it that in the middle of a nice neighborhood, the only person who gets his tank siphoned is the one who is in the middle of a good deed? Why is it that nice guys finish last? these are but a few of the questions that i will ask and ultimately seek an answer.

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