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6/15/2005 7:53 am

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The Affair. dani_26_26

I direct films, its agreat job, if you are good at it. anyway, for some reason i seem to be, and i was given a commision to shoot a 15 min film for the festival circuit.
I hired an actress, Gay, and we began to shoot the film. on the last day, she and i had a drunken talk of how i would love to have her suck my cock, in a romantic but animal way.

one night as i sat in my flat, she knocked on the door. I opened it, and there she was, in a bra and g-string, black and lacy. golden air all up and sensuous, and her lips covered in pink lip stick. a major turn on for me.

She pushed me back into te flat, closing the door before saying
" is this what you had in mind?"
She looked like Mrs robinson, and i was about to hhave a GRADUATE moment.

She bean to undress me, button by button and licking my chest as she made her way down to my jeans.
Then she looked up at me, lusciviously and wantingly. " ive wanted this since i first saw you" she said ,and with that my oxers came down revealing my erect cock. i remmember it was throbing with exitement, and so was i.

She took my head in to her mouth first. sucking and licking it softly till i was at full lenght, and gradualy, painfuly so, she began to fit my cock into her mouth, she biult up pace over the next few minuts and as i began to swell, my pink head bulging as my orasm was comminng, her toungue mmaking it impossible for me to pull back, she put my cock all the way down into her throat. she began to swallow my engorged head, and i came into her mouth. the cum overwhelmed her mouth and she gagged the sexiest gag ever, the cum tricked out of her mouth onto her face, and she smiled, remarking how sexy the situation was. i explained that if she continued i would remain hhard for hours, so expertly, she continued to suck my exhhausted cock. seconds later she was against a wall, her legs over my shoulders and my cock was deeper than anyone had ever been before. she began to come, i could feel her love juice flowing and trickling down my cock. we looked at eachother for a moment and fell asleep in eachothers arms moments later.

a great experience, from a great woman.

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