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Get on board my magical carpet
driven by my Indian Concert Sitar
Looking 10+ years younger, I'm a vegetarian with a good self-confidence. I know where I'm heading in this life and how to navigate on my magical carpet to get to my final destination. So welcome on board ladies who are heading toward one of my stopovers ! But few journey might be straits and unpredictable needing some agility. Can you handle to come along in my adventures ?

No panic, we progress in anything with practice. The proof, I became captain of the magical carpet floating over the cosmic resonances of my Indian sitar ! It's true that being resourceful, self-taught, talented, persevering, in constant spiritual evolution, contribute to the growth of this expertise !

To make this mysterious carpet flies, requires more than being an artist in the soul ! One must be practical, rational, intuitive and spiritual. It's essential to love and respect LIFE within every human, animal, object and in nature. For LIFE is at the origin of the celestial vibrancy of my sitar... the motor of my carpet !

My passengers are very well hosted ! Full of consideration and attentive to, I favour with enthusiasm the vivacity of the good values of life. That automatically creates harmony, joy of living, of having fun and laughter like children !

But when you and I share our rich inwardness, it's so romantic, thrilling and profound to make love over the enchanting carpet of our essence . . . After the synchronised dances of our beings in ecstasy, the rippling of our magical carpet predispose us gradually into tenderness, gentleness, at ease of our souls wrap-around dearly . . .
My Ideal Soulmate :
On top of my paramedical vocation : therapeutic touch for humain and animal, I devote time to the evolution of the indian sitar into an international one . . . in order to play any type of music and my own compositions full of harmonies.

Having no time to play games, communication, sincerity, honesty, to solve all ambiguities within 24 hours, to spur on mutual blooming, to support the other's career and activity choices, etc. are frames of mind indispensable within a relationship.

Let's got together without itinerary, an improvised adventure... nearby or further... Let's walk hand in hand in Old-Quebec, in a mall or elsewhere ! I'm free to travel anytime, but my sitar will come along if it's for more than tree days.

I snap for an attractive yonger woman than I :

  • slender to athletic, long to very long hair, average height
  • sense of humor, jolly, positive, sociable, congenial, appealing
  • gentle, soft-hearted, affectionate, cuddly, sultry
  • intuitive, spiritual (wellspring of the high values of Life).

    A reply is assure to those with photos.

    Daniel xxx

    P.S.: I'm not possessive and I have no taboo. So if your activities include a female lover (lesbian), it will be quite natural for me to respect your intimacy, to establish a friendly and platonic relationship with her and to share the tree of us some daily non erotic activities with harmony and love.

    Dan_Sitar"In a friendly relationship, physical looks, age, race, etc., have not any importance. Bonds are created from similarities, sometime unsuspected". - Dan_Sitar

    But I want more than a platonic relationship, lovely, irresistible and fascinating women
    . . .

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