My thoughts for this morning  

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8/22/2005 6:59 am

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My thoughts for this morning

I force myself to keep my hand on the throttle, hard as oak with a pulse of its own. The ever-ending seduction of endless photos and words causes my heart to quicken. Like the many flowers of the field, soft, silky petals gracefully gliding with the flow of the breeze. Brunette, blonde, redhead, the flowers cause my throttle to pound harder and harder, the very end like purple pool ball. Does the cannon fire without first being primed? Packed with the words and photos of the each beautiful petal, packing the cannon and working the throttle. Such smooth skin, soft, silky, sweet to the taste like the pollen from the center of the flower. Any way the stem bends, the flower entices me, round on the back, phat on the front. I run my delicate fingers and hot wet tongue over every inch of that delicate flower.

Like a hummingbird, my tongue stabs deep, searching for that wonderful nectar. Tongue moving faster, hand on the throttle, pounding in my head, ringing in my ears. I am about to explode, the sweet flow from her center touches the tip of my long tongue. The sweet nectar converts to an energy that fuels my entire body. Oh the ecstasy from the energy she has created within me! My throttle wide open! My cannon fires! I pluck that flower from the field and hold it close to me. Only for a moment though, the petals start to whither, the nectar dries up. But wait! What do I see? The field is full of wonderful flowers! All bending and swaying in the cool breeze, sun glistening on each wet petal.

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