A little Story, comments please  

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3/21/2006 2:41 pm
A little Story, comments please

Here's a little something that I cooked up fast for a friend "in need." She wasn't feeling terribly amorous so I wrote this up quick to get her going. It's pretty rough, but it works. Comments are very welcome and if people like this I might be persuaded to post more

Laying beside you, watching your face in the low light of the TV screen. My heart is pounding because I'm afraid you'll tell me to leave but I keep moving closer and closer to you. I move until I'm almost touching you.
Then I reach my hand over you. I lay my hand on your side. I can feel your hipbone just below my hand. I'm surprised you don't object, but after a few tense moments I push further. I start to move my hand lightly over your skin. Just a little at first, then increasing until I'm lightly running my hand from just below your breasts down to the middle of your thigh. You move a little and let out a low sigh. Thinking you want me to continue I begin rubbing your shoulders and neck with my hand, then I nuzzle your ear and lightly kiss your face along your jawline. You sigh again and turn your face to meet mine.
We've kissed before, but nothing like this. There's passion in the kiss. Hunger. Desire. I know I'm not alone in these feelings. You turn more toward me and put your arms around my neck. Our kiss becomes more urgent and our bodies move together, grinding involuntarily. I kiss your neck softly as your hands dig into my shoulders. I kiss down as far toward your breasts as I can then move back to your lips. One of my hands wanders your thighs while our lips crush together.
You tug at my shirt so I take the hint. I sit up above you and pull my shirt hurriedly over my head, throwing it in a corner. When I look down again you are taking your shirt off as well, then you look up at me and unhook your bra. I fall back on top of you kissing your shoulders and neck as I strip your bra from you. I kiss my way down your neck to your beautiful breasts. My tongue circles and teases one nipple and bresat as my fingers touch the other. I move slowly from nipple to nipple. Kissing, nibbling, tonguing between right and left. All the while bringing moans from you.
I move back up to kiss your lips as my hand moves down to caress your thigh. You've lifted your leg and your shorts have fallen down a little so I lightly run my fingers down the inside of your thigh. As I get nearer and nearer to your sex your kissing becomes more urgent. I return your kiss while my hand moves away. We kiss more as my hand moves back down your thigh until my fingers are just brushing the soft curls around your pussy. Your moaning is deep and lusty. I want to taste you... now, so I break our kiss to move down between your thighs. My tongue darts out and flicks around your outside lips. I watch as you move your hips to open wider for me. I moan deep in my throat as my tongue snakes into your wet opening. Your body tenses and you gasp, grabbing the hair of my head. I teasingly lick around your sweet pussy until I get to your clit. Kissing it softly I watch it grow. Lightly licking it makes your whole body quiver with pleasure. I put one finger against your opening and move it slowly inside you. You gasp again as the first knuckle enters you. I circle your button again with my tongue as I slide my finger completely inside you. Your hips buck into my hand, trying to envelop my finger inside your folds.
I pull my mouth away and kiss your thighs as I slowly work my finger in and out of your body. Your hips move in rhythm with my thrusts and I begin nibbling at the outsides of your lovely pussy again. I work my way slowly back toward your clit until my tongue finally circles around it. Your body tenses as you grab at me and the bed. I feel your pussy tighten around my finger as you gasp and moan out your pleasure. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washes over you. I kiss your thighs as you begin to settle down.
Kissing my way back up to your lips I can feel your hands roaming my body. You turn to face me as we lay on our sides. You kiss my mouth hard and bite at my neck as your hand snakes between us, feeling for my manhood. You find it straining between our bodies and you stroke it lightly. Your first touch pulls a gasp from my body. You lightly pull on my organ as though to bring it closer to you. You're pulling it into you, it seems. You put your leg over my hip and I can feel the heat coming from where you want me. I shift farther down on the bed and push slowly forward. You guide me to the opening of your body, I can feel the sticky-hot warmth of it on the end of my manhood. I push forward again and feel myself slip inside you. Simultaneously you gasp and I moan.
We are joined now. Our bodies are fitted together as man and woman should be. We begin to strain together, our bodies rocking against each other. I can feel the hardness of my organ gliding in and out of you. We kiss passionately as our bodies move together in sexual rhythm. Our hands are groping each other's bodies in our struggle. We move and yearn to become more and more unified, to be deeper into one another. My hands explore your ass and thighs as I thrust into you. Our pace is gaining speed and strength. We can feel the end soon. I make slow, long thrusts into you making you moan louder after each thrust. In, out, in, out. Straining faster and pounding into you harder. My hands grip you around the thighs and ass for more leverage. More thrusts, deeper, deeper. We both want it deeper. Harder.

This is it, we both know it. This is the moment when we join in ecstacy. You bury your face in my shoulder and gasp softly as your whole body tenses around me. I feel my own orgasm building from deep inside me. I can tell it is good because it starts so slowly and moves through my body starting at my toes. Finally with a gasp you kiss my neck once more and I pull out as far as I can and thrust HARD into you and the waves of our pleasure break over us. We grind our bodies into each other as our bodies are racked with pleasure. I feel my body pulse inside you. We pant softly from the excitement of our bliss as we slowly kiss and caress each other. Slowly calming down.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. Comments are very welcome.

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