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7/19/2005 11:57 am

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it all began on a recent trip to the beach. I walked out on the deck of the house I was staying in to enjoy the sun setting across the ocean. The breeze comming off the ocean carried the scent of far away and exotic places, the warmth felt like a woman breath as it caressed by face. Looking down the beach I saw her clad in a white chamois dress, that flowed as the waves across her body, the fullness of her hips, the way her breasts struggled against the fabric, the small of back as it hid just above the top of buttocks. She walked toward me, I could see the glistening of the moisture on her body, the light from the setting sun danced like a thousand stars in her hair.

As she approached, her hand reached out to touch mine, gently I took her hand into mine, it seemed small in my hands, as we walked hand in hand down the beach.....

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