Are you a Thick Chick or what?  

rm_DXampl 41M
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3/9/2006 9:15 am

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8/25/2007 6:59 pm

Are you a Thick Chick or what?

One of my jobs brings me in contact with the internet on a continuous basis. So I tend to do a lot of pointless surfing, hence how I found this site. I logged in and updated my profile and really enjoyed the feedback and interaction. However I have have on going problems with some of the plus sized women I'v met on the site.

First the bait pix. You bait me in with a pix of somebody else or a pixof you before you swallowed the old you. Yeah I'm a little bitter. A couple of the women were really physically attractive before the gain. Ladies remember there are all kinds out here. You can remain honest and still find a person that fits your needs.

Secondly, the grocery list of criteria. Not saying that plus sized women can't be picky, however when you list every imaginable problem that you don't want and then a table spoon of imformation on what you do want you are bound to just add to your list of don't wants. Figure out what the hell you want and then post that. You will find out that people have problems that you don't know about. Instead of compiling a list of Mr. Wrong's qualities, you should be looking into yourself and finding out who Mr. Right is for you. Of course you can do all this while enjoying Mr. Right-Now.

Always remember that the difference between a Thick Chick and a Fat Chick is that a Thick Chick loves herself.

P.S. Don't use the self love theory as a way or a reason to become a ASSHOLE.

junglefevaluva 49F
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3/9/2006 10:07 am

I consider myself to be a 'thick chick'.....not a big girl or a fat chick....both of those sound so negative and demeaning. I wouldnt call a guy a big man or a fat man....that is just not me....and perhaps that is because I am a very sensitive person as to others and their feelings. You know...the whole do unto others! However I do agree with you about it not being cool for people (men & women) to bait you in with false puctures....that is just not cool! Unfortunatly, I think that happens too often here on least that is what I have found. By the way....if that is really you in your pic you have are a very handsom man! And thick chicks should be picky....we are people too! I turn hella fools down....I aint gotta settle for less and I wont!

Take care and good luck finding what you are looking for...I hope you find it.....its out there. Have a great day

Face down...ass up,

rm_DXampl 41M

3/10/2006 7:29 pm

Feva luva I appreciate your comment and the neccessary changes have been made. I posted that as my coin sat on the Tail side.

prettypussy4004 86F

6/9/2006 2:53 am

Good point and it's not just women who post old Pics of themselves on the site. I use to be very insecure with the way I felt I looked but since I started taking self portraits of myself I feel better about me. It's not always the woman who is small or shapely that have bad attitudes sometimes it's society and how it project small women to be aggressive and in control and always so damn happy. Society would love us all to believe if we are thin and have money we are happy. Well, news flash I'm thin and I can pay my bills and I still have the responsibility to make me happy from time to time. Being happy or satisfied with ourselves is something a lot us think is someone else's responsibility and that could be why so many of us stay in a state of unhappiness. Loving others as I love less, keeps me balanced.{=}

No road is traveled alone, just know your journey is a shared one.

rm_DXampl 41M

6/28/2006 12:14 pm

I couldn't have said it any better. We have a responsiblity to ourselves to make or remain happy. There is not a person on this Earth that can make you happy. They may be able to make you happier, but not happy. What we have to bring to the eyes of the world is that the "socially accepted norm, or guide bar is not a realistic norm." Take a honest look at yourself and your qualities and yes you may find that you are not the coke bottle or He-man doll type, however we all have something to offer the world. We must play on our individual strengths, supplement or weaknesses and accept the things we just can't change. First love yourself and you may just find someone who can love you. If you don't love yourself you have no anchor that holds your personality. Your personality will change and flip flop. Making it ever so hard to love you because you change so much and the person who wants to love you can't because you change the person you want to be to much. Be who you are at all times and the growth will remain slow and steady and the soon to be love of your life will grow with you!

And this is life,


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7/4/2008 2:02 am

To this I say:

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