Erotic Story (Untitled)  

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8/27/2006 9:01 pm

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Erotic Story (Untitled)

Such a stressful day, I needed to relax and bad. I filled the tub with steamy hot water and loaded in the bubbles. Earlier I had rolled myself a few doobies, and now was lighting one.
I could not remove my clothing fast enough. Was awkward but I managed to unbutton my blouse as I had a few hoots. My skirt followed, leaving me standing in only a royal blue bra with matching thong. The hot heavy stream and the weed made me feel abit light headed, so I opened the bathroom door fully. The cool air perked me up. Mentally and physically. My nipples grew hard and needed release. Off came my bra freeing my breasts. The thongs were quickly removed. Naked and free and slowly feeling a buzz, I turned off the running water and strolled across the apartment. I needed a glass of ice cold Red Bull and Vodka.

To be con't (DKC)

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