vein lamore para laemente  

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7/12/2005 2:12 pm

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vein lamore para laemente

the wait is unbearable
sleep is lost in tortured dreams

the gate has fallen, and images of past mistakes haunt my every moment, and tear my dreams asunder

my inner sanctum still remains pure, but the doors bend and creak under the blows, one has sliped through, and she will not leave, yet i cannot bring myself to shut her out

Leave anne, torutre this poor soul no more, for what you did in the physical relm, is more than i can bear alone.

three times you have sparked my phase, and enuf is enuf, Get Ye Gone!

I am on the edge of a sword,
That sword is love.

this you once wrote to me.
and now i finish it,

I am on the edge of a sword,
That sword is love.

My feet cut to the bone,
and yet i walk on,
To reach your hands,
to hold them once more,

The blade,
slick from my blood,
I cannot hold on,
and now I fall,

yet no hand was extended,
for you would not break my fall.

Goodbye, Angel of my past, you will allways have a place in my heart.

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