'' SPRUNG''  

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1/30/2006 4:38 am

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After a long shift at the bordroom,i coulden',t wait to get home,pop DVD in plaver and pour my self a big drink.My brother was out as well,so i had the place to my self.Not long after i put the first movie on,there's a nock at the front door,When i opened it,i was supprised to see my brother's stunning new girlfriend.I told her he was not at home,but she invited herself in anyway.I asked if she would like to watch the film,and poured her a drink.Half way through a steamy scene i could feel my love juices flowing.Out of the corner of my eye,i saw her hand resting on her crotch.She caught me looking and,with a wicked grin,started pulling down her geans.There were no panties underneath just a shaven smoo witch i felt an uncontroilable urge to bury my face into.I spread her long silky smoth legs and lapped at her snatch.Moaning with pleasure she rubbed her nipples and gyrated her hips faster and faster till she came!We swapped positions and i was just starting to realy enjoy my self ,When the door swung open she did't hear a thing because co's my thighs where wrapped round her ears.A day to remember.

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2/6/2006 1:26 am

I guess youre brother is out of the picture and youre in !

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