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11/26/2005 2:11 am

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Well... you

Ladies, Gentlemen ... and anyone else for that matter : a warm welcome to this, my inaugural posting.

So, as seems to be the point with these things, what have I got to say that any of you lovely people would have any interest in taking time out of your busy lives to read? Good question, and frankly, don't know if I have an answer. So we'll just have to see how this plays out.

Why not start with a topic close to all our hearts - AdultFriendFinder itself. Not been on here relatively long, maybe 3 weeks in total, but at least I can give you my first impressions.

Chat rooms seem to be a little hit n' miss - tend to be quite cliquey and difficult to crack. Understandibly, they tend to be a bit of a "sausage fest" but what do you expect when the online population appears to be 10M:1F. Maybe it just takes time, or you gotta be more forceful/vocal. Plus it's rather difficult to have a sensible conversation when you're having to compete with the significant male contingent that seem to be solely after growing their messaging contact list. So, jury's out on that one...

IMC - can't say this has been too successful yet, especially if trying to get a response by "cold-calling". Seems to be more a stage 2 once you've had initial contact. So can't really comment ... although see the odd whispers about its apparent lack of speed/usability (second-hand feedback).

Hotlisting - good way to track people you might have an interest in, although slightly surprised some people get offended when you add them without getting in touch first! If this applies to anyone I may have added, please don't take it the wrong way, I'm just showing an interest. Personal preference would be to chat in a room or IMC, although it's not unheard of for me to instigate things by mail. Oh, and don't know if you agree with me on this one, but wouldn't it be great if the Who's Online section highlighted hotlisted members...?

Anyway, I could go on... but I sense you'd get bored rather quickly!

So perhaps maybe some thing on a more personal note. Would fill out the additional questions, but last thing I need is someone I know finding my profile and all my deepest, darkest desires becoming affecting my "real" life. Fairly open with anyone that asks so don't be shy, as they say, and ask away!

Let's move on to recent experiences ... last one was a bit of strange one, I have to say. An over-sexed bunny boiler that curiously wanted to preserve her virginity, in a no-strings attached relationship lasting a maximum of two weeks. Might be best to file that one under "Eh?".

Maybe wrap things up now looking to the week ahead. It's me birthday (yaay!) in a couple of days - so no doubt celebrations will be had & alcohol will be involved. Xmas party season is in full swing which usually means more nights out than in. If I'm online, you'll no doubt find me in the London room, so if you want to pick up on any of the above, more than happy to.

Until next time peeps...

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