Wahey... another notch in the belt!  

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11/29/2005 4:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wahey... another notch in the belt!

The AGE belt that is!

Well I'm a year older, don't know about a year wiser! Not the wildest of evenings but then again, it was only a Monday, and there's more than plenty "crazy" nights lined up for December.

So what to look forward to in my 28th year...

Definitely widen my experience - part of being on here, I suppose. May be approaching the end of my twenties but acting as if I were still 21. And long may it continue...! Probably carry on with my quest to visit the four corners of the globe in keeping with my travels of late. Other than that, there's no point planning too far ahead, be it on the home, work or love-life front. Take it as comes, I say.

Another "wet" night to look forward to tomorrow - that's a reference to alcohol as opposed to anything more salacious. You naughty people!

But one final request before I go then...

... s'pose a birthday shag is out of the question! Ha!

That IS meant to be joke... unless anyone's serious, in which case, contact me at the usual address. Ahem.

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