The only way is up...  

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12/22/2005 2:47 pm

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The only way is up...

... when you have ZERO expectations!

Might as well get the "Stripper-Gate" situation out of my system first before moving on to other news. So there's been some back and forth text action, the kinda "would love to see you again" banter. For my money, I'm pretty sure I'm being played and I ain't in the mood for being a sucker. If we cross paths again, then great. Otherwise, let's move on. On the plus side though, call from the bank to discuss "unusual" activity on my account revealed that the establishment had screwed up and not charged me a penny! Now that's a result.

And I suppose I got the additional reputational boost at work, so all round I figure I got a pretty sweet deal.

As for other items of interest, the gargantuan work bash took place with all of the usual shenanigans. And boy can it become lots of fun if you happen to be on the right side of the camera - plenty of scope for bribery!

Meanwhile I had the pleasure of housing my mum and sis (ahhh!) for a few days whilst my fellow sibling Lasic'd her eyes. By all accounts, doc says she's now got better than 20/20 vision (how?). And I'm now being encouraged to do the same... something to ponder a while longer.

Let's see... what else? Flatmate's birthday a couple days ago. In need of shepherding home after one too many mojitos. Quite barmy if you ask me, when you've got to hold interviews at 9am the next day. But hey... not my problem!

And now only 8 hours till I sink my teeth into our traditional Xmas breakfast. Fox & Anchor, 7am, Big Boy brekkie with complimentary Guinness (!) and a bottle of port. Easily one of the nest places for grub in London at that time in the morning. Then it's into work for a couple of hours (why?) before catching a flight back up to Scotland, and partying the night away with a whole bunch of school mates. Ay caramba!

So I leave you now ... but in so doing wish you all a tip-top Xmas. Stretch pants at the ready!

I'll be back on before NY - which reminds me, if anyone's got any good suggestions for Hogmanay this year in London, I'm all ears.

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