The Mysterious Art of Profile Writing  

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4/2/2006 6:14 pm

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The Mysterious Art of Profile Writing

Returning to another site which I've used from time to time, I noticed that the profile I'd left there was a bit out of date and in need of some sprucing up. First thing that struck me was the lack of personalisation: it didn't really say much about me. Now without the aid of a handy a blog such as this to give you a real insight into a person's character, I decided to pen a fresh bio covering the basics. I've enclosed a copy below for you to comment on if you wish:

Born a Scot but having spent a few intervening years in Paris, you'd think I'd be somewhat of an endangered species in London. Luckily for me, I've survived the capital for almost seven years now and still can't get enough of it.

Based in my NW pad but working Wharf-side, I earn my crust working in the financial services industry, but more on the people side, rather than dealing with the cold, hard cash aspects.

Love London as I might, the first whiff of time off will see me fling myself to the far corners of the world (Vietnam, west coast USA and NZ being my latest adventures). Feels like the world's sights and sounds are one long "to do" list, which I'm slowly inching my way through it.

Outside of travel, my recreational activities tend to be at the more exciting end of the spectrum. Whether it be whizzing down ski slopes at break-neck pace, uncovering the wonders of sea life at scuba depth or occasionally throwing myself off of perfectly sound planes, I'd say I have a "why not?" attitude to life.

Of course, one can't sustain that lifestyle all year round. To keep me occupied in quieter times, I try to keep trim with regular BodyBalance classes. To both stimulate and relax the mind, I find great pleasure in my passion for film, although I would far from claim "movie buff" status. On a more creative note, there is still a budding musician (more drummer than pianist) itching to be drawn out.

As to what I desire, I'm looking for someone with a similar outlook on life: open-minded, happy-go-lucky with a hint of the mischievous. Matching humour I find is also a key ingredient - I like my wit with a blend of sarcasm and word-play. Finally, I can't say that I've settled for a particular type in the looks department, although track record would suggest a penchant for petite brunettes.

So if all this sounds like it might be you, get in touch. The adventure awaits...

Content, structure, length, tone... any feedback would be gratefully appreciated. Did think about whether it would be suitable for my AdultFriendFinder profile as well, although I'm not sure it's what the audience want to hear. Thoughts?

Wackytits 52F

4/3/2006 11:25 am

Sounds wonderful to me. xx

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