Jackpot!... and it  

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1/2/2006 1:13 pm

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Jackpot!... and it

Start off with a Happy New Year... hope you all had a good one. I know I did - but more on that later.

Picking up from where I last left off, in fine form for our annual breakfast. Got the alcove seats which was a bonus but no Full Monty breakfast because apparently, chef was "being a fucker!". No big deal, just meant no liver bread... a loss which we were all mourning. Any discontentment was shortlived as we washed down our collective sorrows with 4 pints of the black stuff and a bottle of port. Taxi backed to work, 3 hours of staring into space, then train straight to the airport, making my flight back up to Scotland with 5 mins to spare. Off the plane at the other end and you guessed it... back to the pub again! Met up with some school mates which took us clubbing till about 4am, with my luggage still in tow. Wandering through the streets of Glasgow at that time in the morning with a wheelie bag unsurprisingly drew attention, mostly from the male contingent asking if I was a trolley dolly!

Home to family the next day and relaxed with 3 days of sweet FA interspersed with indulgent over-eating. Santa definitely turned up with goods this year, as I type from you now with a spanking new laptop (why have I waited so long?).

Fast-forwarding a little as I had to work the graveyard shift between Xmas and NY, the dilemma then came as to how to pass Hogmanay. Most of my mates having jumped ship, spending new year in London had all of the hallmarks of a pretty dismal affair in the making. Undeterred I plumped for a singles night thinking that if I was going to spend NY by myself, I might as well do it with 2000 other "billy-no-mates".

And what a brilliant time I had... open bar and great company that were just up for having a wicked time. JD & coke by the gallon and several runs at the vodka luge (until my mouth had frozen off!). Anyways... find myself in the fortunate position of being invited back to a hotel for the night. Not expecting much, more a case of see where this goes. What followed was a rather frantic and frankly filthy session which I think surprised the both of us... all as silently as possible not to wake up her mate in the bed 5ft away! And no before you ask, there was no possibility of a 3-some... too tired and I don't think they were the type for sharing. As the whole proceedings had taken place under the cover of darkness, we hadn't quite realised the extent of our debauchery. Let's just say the hotel cleaners would have had a tough job on their hands!

To top it off, I toddled off home as they were heading back up North (not locals) and was casually asked if she could return next weekend for more of the same! Although this time, it was to be a 24-hour marathon hotel session... no holds barred. Frankly, this proposition is both exciting and a little scary, but I'd be a fool not to accept the offer. So let's see what happens in 5 days time then.

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