He's only gone and done it again...  

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1/26/2006 2:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He's only gone and done it again...

Urrrrghhh... it's been 36 hours without any shut eye now, and the double vision, inability to concentrate and violent sleep nodding are all in full effect. But I ain't complaining... it was all worth it!

So how did Disquo end up in such a state? Lets turnback the clock and relive the last 24 hours...


In a week which has seen many unusual turns already, yet more good luck befalls our hero of the hour. Although I wonder why I'm still keeping count, freebee no5 arrived from a most unusual source. Cue phone call from mildly pissed parents... (this is going to be *interesting*). After some drunken translation, it appeared as though they'd been at some charity function and won one of the top prizes. However, having no real interest in it, they felt that I would make a far more fitting recipient. What did they win... well, turns out I'm now the happy owner of an all expenses paid VIP trip for two people to see ANY Man U, Newcastle, Rangers or Celtic game! Surprised to say the least, I'm now left to ponder how & when to use these. Hands up now, I'm not a massive footie fan (follow it but not a supporter) but it would still be an experience to have a day at somewhere like Old Trafford with all the perks. So not completely set yet... but if I can get a box for Man U vs Arsenal in April, that looks like the one to go for.

Next piece of good news... the steamin' bonnie lassie from Sat night (the Diaz twin) gets in touch to ask if I'd like to join her and her mates for a evening of "strippin' the willow" & "dashin' the white sergeant"... also known as a CEILIDH! In my opinion, some of the most fun you can have on two legs *guaranteed*. So two birds, one stone. I get a date and make up for my Burns night loss. Bonus!

With the appetiser and starter now out of the way, it's time to tuck into the main course...

Our evening begins as planned, attending a work do to celebrate one of our senior managers making MD. Nothing special there you might say. Well it all looked soooooo innocent at that point in the evening. No sooner had I walked in the door (some 2hrs behind the bulk of the crowd) that I was informed of my "no opt-out" selection for karaoke entertainment. When put on the spot, you better have a party piece in store... and with a level of cool which the Fonz would have been proud of, I delivered a crowd-stunning performance of the 60s classic "Wild Thing" by the Troggs. Standing ovations, followed by comments such as "you're talents are wasted here... you should be on X Factor!". With that rendition in the can, and a few extra beers inside, the tunes just kept comin... Crazy Little Thing Called Love... Kids (duet)... The Girl is Mine (duet) ... Bohemian Rhapsody (group) ... Hey Jude (finale). It was rather surreal singing alongside one of our head honchos who's 5 levels up the corporate ladder. Let's just say he won't be forgetting me in a hurry!

Closing time at our first port of call and the hour of midnight approacheth. As suspected from previous experience (see earlier blog), we were once again destined for another slice of Soho. Returning to what seems now like a regular haunt, my initial thoughts focussed on whether "Madeleine" from pre-Xmas visit would be on duty. With no sign of my damsel, I proceeded to the bar for further refreshments, getting comfortable for what lay ahead. No sooner in the room, that I found myself approached by my catch for the evening - Scarlet! And a fine catch she was - 23yr old Oxford gal, with flowing dark locks and mesmerising crystal blue eyes handed down from her Spanish mother. Again conversation and wine flowed freely, which was enough for me... any dances would feel as though they'd just get in the way of our lively banter. Another fine night coming to a close, and I'm contemplating another night bus rescue when I'm suddenly floored by a jaw-dropping statement... "you didn't think the night was going to end there, did ya? I'll get changed... it'll take me about 10 mins. Meet you outside."

Now I don't know what magic fairy's been blessing me this week but it just seems that I can do no wrong! Sure enough, 10 mins later and she appeared on cue. Hopped into a taxi and she decides to whisk me back to her place for a nightcap. We drank some more, chatted some more, got some what "friendlier" and then... this where you'll all collectively go "what?!"... we fell asleep entwined together on the sofa. Awwww. Only to be woken by her flatmate moments later - quick watch check showing 7.30am!!! Again another number swap, before mad dash for cab cross town back home, shower & change, before returning to the office by 9am! Today may hae been a struggle but boy, it was worth it. I predict some sweet dreams tonight!

freetime648 52F

1/27/2006 2:12 am

And for that...you deserve the almighty "CABBAGE" to place elegantly upon your mantle for future referrence when you decide to do this again........use it as a reminder...always!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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1/27/2006 11:12 am

Who's been a busy boy then?

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