Euro Tub Calendar 2006  

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1/21/2006 9:02 am

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Euro Tub Calendar 2006

Euro Tub Calendar 2006

After a few evenings discussing the potential on this concept, I've decided to open up the debate to a larger audience. At this stage, the plan would be to recruit 12 of the more prominent members of the Euro Tub chat room to create this unique masterpiece. Let me run through first how far we've come in our musings:

Candidates and Month Selection
Entries for the calendar will be accepted from regular attendees of the Euro Tub. Months are to be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Those interested should respond this blog indicating their preference of month.

Photo Submissions
Once all monthly slots have been filled, we will commence the process of collating photo submissions. Obviously, due to the disparate nature of our geographical locations, we will have to rely on individuals putting forward their own shots. I've created a dedicated network folder on my profile to house submissions which only those taking part will have access to (unless Editor says otherwise!).

As we are still at a creative/design stage, there are many aspects of the calendar which are yet to be decided, such as:

- gender split: 50/50 or some other ratio)
- style: by handle, month, personality, other
- level of nudity: anywhere from none, through tasteful to full-on (!)

Please feel free to put forward your comments.

Again, for ease, an online edition would be simplest to distribute, although perhaps (as an incentive!) all of those who take part will receive a complimentary hard copy.

That should be enough to get things going. As I previously mentioned, we'll only proceed if 12 names are put in the hat. Otherwise there's no point...!

Right folks, get submitting! ?*

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1/21/2006 10:26 am

have fun with this

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