Disquo to the Rescue...  

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3/25/2006 6:12 am

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Disquo to the Rescue...

Apologies. My work seems to have encroached on my week days of late (just going through a busy spell) which is having two unfortunate side-effects:

a) my antics are now cut down to just the weekend - therefore less to write about.
b) not getting the time to bring you up to speed!

So quick catch up on last weekend's events...

Paddy's night! Now I'd hoped to catch up with my Irish mates, but unfortunately they appeared to be "incommunicado". My guess is that they'd probably taken the Friday off as a public holiday and were neck deep in Guinness by the time I tried to get in touch. So plan B was set in motion with alternate arrangements to meet up with the teaching ladies from the previous weekend's costume party. Night out in London with 4 women on your arm can't be all bad.

So cocktails by the pitcher, a bit of a boogie then home time. Accompanied Elastagirl home as it turned out she only lived 2 mins walk from my place. So night bussing our way back to our neck of the woods (the N139 as pictured is a god send!), we find ourselves standing on a packed lower deck up by the driver, chatting away. Then suddenly... her eyes rolled back, her arms started shaking and she began to collapse on to me!

Oh boy. What pickle have I got myself into now?

Luckily, we'd just arrived at a bus stop, so I picked her up over my shoulder, carried her off to the bus stop, and sat her down where she could get some air. Was this to be yet another trip to see my friends down at A&E? Should get a club card - think I'd be a gold member! After a few minutes though, she started to come round not being able to remember anything of what had happened, but still clearly shaken. "Never happened before", she said. Wouldn't want to think I had that effect on women... can't remember when someone last swooned at my feet. With the damsel back on her feet after what we concluded was a panic attack, we hailed a taxi and made sure she was home safe.

All's well, that ends well. Phew!

Wackytits 52F

3/25/2006 10:14 am

Oldest trick in the book. xx

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