Broken down ....part 1  

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5/28/2006 8:37 am

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Broken down ....part 1

After working and pushing herself to the extreme then further the time had come when she says enough. A long hot shower loosens some sore muscles now on to something to wear. The dreaded closet thing she hates. Thinking I'm only going to grab something to eat, browse a bit and maybe find a new book so why get dressed up. Deciding on a thin summer dress and sandals hmmm this is all in one. Cute, comfy and cool seeing how the temperatures were soaring and its so muggy. Gotta love louisiana weather. Feeling much better after brushing her long hair and applying a little makeup she looks in the mirror. Damn girl you do clean up nice she says with a laugh. Sure beats the shorts, tshirt, ponytail and no makeup look.
Getting in the car putting the windows down radio up remembering dang I forgot my cell. Not wanting to get back out yow know thats why I'm doing this in the first place to get away,relax and have a little ME time forget it. Now where to eat.....
I'll browse awhile first and then try out the new resturant my friend told me about. It's only a short drive and would be nice to see some new scenery along the way. Stopping at the mall first browsing becomes fun. Getting ideas for a few things to put in the new house turns out to be exciting and relaxing at the same time. Even dredged up the surpressed imagination....
After choosing a new book at Walden's and some new pjs at another shop its time to eat I'm starving. Grabbing a water and one of those big pretzels to hold me over I'm off. Now just exactly where this resteraunt is I'm not positive but oh well its still early. Glancing at my watch its only 4:15 p.m. lots of time.
On the open highway with the music playing noticing the sky looks a little darker. Oh well, little shower never hurt anyone. Coming to a small town hmmm maybe I should see how far this place is after all didnt think it was that far. The guy in the gas station kinda giving me the creeps staring at me said only about another 10 miles or so, so after getting some gas I'm off as soon as possible.
Hearing the weather update oh thats no good. Thankfully its not much further and I won't have to drive through the worst of it maybe. About 10 minutes later the car makes this horrible noise. NO NO NO not now this is why I bought a new car. Cruising to the shoulder and pulling off poping the hood and stepping out this sucks. Not being a mechanic but soon realizing the problem is obvious upon opening the hood I know I'm stuck. Broken belt just friggin great. Cyn ya shoulda just stayed home. Then remembering my cell can it get any better.
Stupid ya had to ask didnt ya lookin up as the rain comes seemingly from nowhere. Geez wheres the warning there huh. Slamming the hood running around jumping in good grief thats cold and this dress is too thin for this. Shivering wishing I woulda stayed home. People seem to pass on by with no worries trying to get themselves home before the weather gets worse. The wind howling outside the car the car shaking great I'm freezing and its turning chilly wonderful.
Thinking this is never going to stop glancing at the time oh seriously I've been sitting here for over 2 hours.
Well its dark propping an elbow on the door listening to the radio station crackle well at least I know theres still a world out there. Almost 4 hours now and hey theres headlights and they are slowing down. WOW! Parking in front seems to be a brand new truck now if I could just see the driver. Then out steps a tall, broad shoulder guy in a tshirt jeans and boots. HMMMM the day is looking better OMG Cyn get a grip girl geez, giggling softly.
Rolling down the window just a crack he drawls Ma'am you ok. The weathers really getting bad for you to be sitting here on the side of the road. Unable to stop it the words just seem to slip out. Well handsome I just thought I'd sit here until a goodlooking thing like you came along to rescue lil ol me, making the drawl even worse in the southern girl voice.
Watching him fight hard to keep from laughing losing it and letting out a sigh "Now honestly do you think I would be sitting on the side of the road in my car, drenched from head to toe shivering, in weather like this for Christ sake theres Tornado warnings out, just for funnies. Then feeling bad for biting his head off after all he is standing there getting soaked himself, but damn if its not making him even more handsome, and your being ungreatful. Look I'm sorry I'm just a little stressed. My belts broke and I'm starving to death and freezing. Didn't mean to be hateful. Noticing those eyes as he says well Ma'am if you don't mind a little help I'd be happy to help you out..............

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5/28/2006 9:50 am

whats up with a one on on me and you

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