Baby Steps...  

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8/11/2006 11:16 am

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8/13/2006 12:05 pm

Baby Steps...

Well last night we had our first cyber-date with a couple we met on here. (I will not mention names, but if you read this - THANKS!!!).

The few days prior to this I was out of town, but I know we were both thinking about it alot. I have had a lot of cyber sex, but Cyn was a newbie to the whole thing. With that in mind we were both surprisingly nervous. We picked out special outfits to make sure we looked comfortable and casual. It was oddly like a first date.

Anyway when the time rolled around, we had the computer room set up and our new playmates/friends logged on. We turned on the cam and then Cyn and I kind of froze. We talked for a few minutes and then it was like ok, what's next?

Our friends took over and started some light petting and we got into it by making out. After that the ice seemed to be broken. Both the ladies were masturbating with toys on cam and the sexual energy was palpable.

In s few minutes both the ladies had gotten off at least once and things got a bit wilder. Sex, oral, spanking, etc. etc. It was a great time and Cyn and I really got into watching our new friends get off. They clearly really love each other and it was fun to watch another couple get off on us getting off. We were egging each other on with dirty words and it was HOT!

Without knowing it an hour and a half had passed and everybody had cum at least a few times. We spent some time flirting and winding down and then it really was time to go.

After we we had logged off Cyn said she really enjoyed it and would like to do it again. I loved it and will gladly do whatever this woman I love wants!

Thanks for reading, and again thanks to our friends! *KISS*


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