You know what sucks?  

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9/8/2006 9:06 am

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10/1/2006 3:00 pm

You know what sucks?

And no, the answer is not me. Although it could be. If we were talking about something positive. But we're not! Anyway... Planes! I hate planes, I hate flying, I hate waiting, I hate sitting beside people, I hate delays.

Well alright, I'd like planes if let's say I had my own private jet that got where I was going really really fast, let me wander around, had my own pilot whjo never got lost and no other passengers. Except maybe friends. Or people I felt like sleeping with. They could come on my plane.

And seriously, how do you lose a pilot? I mean you wouldn't think having to fly a plane would come as a surprise, I mean I've been booked on there for months and the pilot is just finding out? Where did he spend that extra hour he was missing for anyway? Do I really want to know?

Rar. Sorry, my plane rant is done. It had to happen. As some of you know I did the red eye from Whitehorse to Fredericton on the third. And the fourth if you want to get technical.

Back in University now though, which is nice. Hopefully they'll fix my connection soon so it doesn't cut out every five minutes. So yes, catching up on blogging, replying to e-mail, seeing what's been going on in my group.. At some point I may even attend a class!

'Til later!

rm_1Fr8Guy 51M

9/9/2006 8:27 pm

I agree with you. I recently flew from Calgary to Ottawa. It was cramped, no service, pay as you go food, and good luck getting to the washroom.

I dont know how people could ever have sex in one. Although, I would love to try it sometime. lol.


aMasterPlumber 62M

9/13/2006 12:48 pm

Hmmm...? You..Me .. airplane........MileHigh Club.. Hey!! I can dream can't I?

mmmlike2taste 41M

9/23/2006 6:39 pm

They lost the pilot? That's classic? You can just see it: "Let's see now, plane's refueled, all the food is ready to go, the luggage is stowed, I think that's it..... wait a minute? Anyone seen the pilot? I could've sworn I put him down here next to the drink machine...."

I used to live in Darwin, aka Incompetence City, and I distinctly recall waiting for almost two hours in the airport with my mother for her flight back home. "All passenges booked on flight whatever, we apologise for the delay, but we are having some issues with loading the plane, but we expect to be underway shortly." "All passengers booked on flight whatever, we apologise for the further delay, we are still having problems with inflight services, we hope to allow boarding soon." "All passengers booked on flight whatever, we are very sorry for this delay, we're still waiting for the guy in the food truck to turn up with your meals!"

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