Hot vs Not  

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8/25/2006 2:53 pm

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Hot vs Not

So was that not one of the most cliche titles ever? Yeah I thought so too, sorry about that, I can't be dazzlingly witty all the time you know.

Anyway. Sometimes people (particularly on a site like this) will say things so monumentally stupid, you just have to share them with the world. My current favourite has to be the guy who decided discreet sex meant I'd go meet him behind the A&W. Dinna even dignify that one with a response, but when I was done being disgusted, c'mon, that was pretty funny. It's so disgustingly tacky, and quite frankly unhygenic, that it's completely ridiculous. I mean behind the A&W! Ew. No. Just, no. Sex in interesting places is one thing, and a little bit of risk can make it that much hotter, but if i wouldn't go there just everyday with my clothes ON, what are the chances I want to get naked there?

Some fun things though. Spanish accents. And guys who speak spanish. And guys who speak spanish and are very well built and have nice hair. So maybe I can't speal spanish, and have no idea what it is being whispered into my ear, but still, very, very effective. Of course I like men who aren't spanish as well, just saying.. It's really hot.

As a side note to myself, yep, had some fun today. 30.

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8/29/2006 8:22 pm

your so damn good lookin and i would like to lick you all night

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