Fear the Donkey!! <-- What a title!  

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7/28/2006 1:38 am

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Fear the Donkey!! <-- What a title!

LOL, okay before anyone gets carried away with the title...

I posted a little story that I've always enjoyed on a friend's blog, and I thought..."I really like that story! Heck I should blog it!"

And as they say, the rest is history!

There's an old story about a farmer who sent his son to get the animals back in the barn. The son managed to get the cows, chickens, and horses in without too much trouble, but was completely unable to get the donkey in the barn. He tried pushing the donkey. He tried pulling. He tried yelling. He tried hitting the donkey. The donkey resisted all his efforts, and stubbornly remained outside the barn. Finally, the son returned home to tell his father of his failure with the donkey. Whereupon, the father went out to the barn with the son, pushed the donkey away from the barn, and the donkey, ever resistant, ran right into the barn.

Fears are usually like that, and they can be a real donkey.

The harder you try not to be afraid, the more embroiled you will become. So the first step in getting over this fear is, paradoxically, becoming willing to be afraid. You don't have to like it...you don't have to plan on always being afraid...but you will do much better in your recovery when you can develop an accepting, or willing attitude. This means not fighting it; not trying to hide it; and not blaming yourself for it.


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