Popularity Contest ?  

rm_Curious_622 54M
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5/12/2006 7:36 am
Popularity Contest ?

Based on life's learnings, Popularity is often times more of an illusion than reality.

What in actuality, makes a person popular?

More times than Not, Looks is an obvious factor. But, Do looks really make a person?

Other times, it is the gift of Gab, which, at first is OK, but, more times than not grows tiresome after a while.

Then, there is the, Oh, look at all the friends that person has. Friends are a perception that illudes us into believing we are truly liked, Come when it may, are those friends really there when you need them?

Clothes, well, that is certainly a factor, now isn't it?

Posesions, well, once again, goes wihtout saying.

Status, Life's ultimate achievments, All in the eyes of the beholder and those who follow.

Is Popularity an achievment, or is it an illusion? I don't know, but I know this much, perception is often times a diluted view of one's willingness to concede their inner being just to be acknowledged by others. Seemingly, in today's world, popularity, out wieghs most of what is considered the Norm.

Having said that, What if your not popular? Does that constitute that you are not the Norm?

Life's questions, So complex......

sunshine197603 40F
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1/15/2007 10:03 am

This is a question I have asked my self many times over the year's since some one once told me to grow up and act normal...
Well, can any one of us define what normal is....?
I know I cant and I do not wish to either, different people view there world and in that world shape there life not mine. So, what I consider normal Is not for others. So, how can we as people tell others what to do or how do think and prossive there thought to be normal...? So, insanity is just another part of reality!!

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