Who likes to CUM....  

rm_CumTaaMe 69F
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8/21/2005 11:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who likes to CUM....

Do you think cumming is the best thing since cherry pie? Do you like to CUM? this is my all favorite thing to do besides getting primed to cum. I love to have sex!! There is nothing better than good sex. I love it when I'm talked dirty to while having sex too. It turns me on even more. I love to role play. My favorite role playing is Daddy and his little girl. I get off on calling my mate Daddy. if I'm having a woman in my bed, I love to have her be my little girl. I love to eat pussys and suck cocks. Nothing finer than this except a good meal! I love foreplaying! I like to have fingers, tongues and a few other things stuck in my pussy. My clit is getting all hard right now just writing about it. my pussy is getting all hot and juicy and wet now.....i need someone to fuck and suck with......won't you cum taa me.....

BigWill248 53M
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8/22/2005 7:41 am

You are definately my kinda girl. I love to cum too. i never get enough. I often jack-off after having sex because I still ned to cum.......Hi, My name is Big Will, and I'm a sexaholic. I love eating pussy too. And Love talking dirty to my partner and hearing her talk dirty and moaning and begging me to stop. Let's talk sometime

rm_CumTaaMe 69F

8/22/2005 9:14 am

well Big Will!! a man after my pussy! love it!I guess I'm a sexaholic too....never thought about it that way....but I'm sooo consumed with thoughts of it. it drives me crazy and then i find i have to cum at least every 3 hours...i dont seem to get enuff either.....right now I'm horney again....when I get really horney and I'm home alone, I hop on the puter, and find I can get all hot and juicy from reading and get myself off! or is I write stuff that I enjoy doing to others and having done to me....this makes me sooo very hot too and then I have to pleasure myself if I have no one here to do it for me and with me......Big Will......where does that name come from now? lol I bet I can guess! Your well hung! there are soooo many men out here with the biggest fucking cocks I have ever seen! I have not seen any this big ....it just amazes me.....men like showing their cock pics.....and I'm glad for that.....makes me horney and all wet and juicy......nothing better than a good climax!

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