Rejection.... Is it worth the risk?  

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12/11/2005 2:18 pm

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Rejection.... Is it worth the risk?

I guess I have been on here for about 3 months now. I can't remember even how I found this site. But I have had some fun looking at the people in here, posting messages, writing this Blog, and trying to figure out what makes us all tick. Why are we here? What do we expect from this site and the people on it? Do we really think it is as easy as the site makes it seem?

This is a great idea. Put up a site that is made up of people who want to get together for sex!!.. Very 70's. Free love and all that. But I went through that era. And I don't think it was any different then that it is now. The ASSUMPTION is that we are all very interested in having sex with each other. That we are very open minded, are more interested in the sex then the person, and are very NON-JUDGMENTAL.

BAD assumption.....

For there are three kinds of people on here:

Some are here looking for the random 'hook up'. They are the 'established' swingers. They belong to clubs, attend parties that are not posted on here, and have a core of people they swing with. I was a member of that kind of group years ago. We even owned our own 'party house' as a group. There is no easy way to get into that kind of group from here. They are looking for the 'rare' people. The people who will fit into their group. They reject 95% of the people on here.

Others are buying into the hype this site offers. They expect to post a profile and get rapid response. They expect to send an email and get together THAT weekend for a MAJOR fuck session with whoever THEY chose. They reject others but are suprised when others reject them. In fact, many have gotten down right nasty about it. Some get so many emails that they can't even answer them all, and some just DON"T!!...

And others are people like me now. I remember the close friends I had in those groups. We knew each others' kids. We sent birthday gifts to them. Many of the kids had to be reminded who 'Uncle Roy and Aunt Diane' were, but liked the gifts We were FRIENDS. I wonder what I have to do to get back there... It is like remembering a visit to a foriegn country that we long to re-visit. For people like me, who are looking for MORE than the random 'hook up', this site provides very few chances to create the kind of groups I remember.

Probably the closest thing we have going here is the local interest group, and the meet & greets that we try so hard to start. Maybe the reason the M&G's don't work is that the different groups of people expect different things from them. The first type don't need them, the second expects to get a motel room for the night, go to the M&G, pick out who they like, and go back to the hotel room and not get any sleep, and the third thinks that they are EXPECTED to go to the hotel room with the random males who attend, and that scares them off.
Well, with that as a preamble, I will get back to the title of this post. Like I said, I have been here for about three months, and I am just about ready to start putting myself in a position to get cut off at the knees... rejected. I have started to email some. Haven't got any responses yet. I have 'winked' a few, but again, no responses. I have even invited some people to meet me at Maxie's for poker, but, you guessed it, no responses. YET. I'm not about to give up too soon. After all, I have the attitude that rejection IS worth the risk. None of us like it, but if they are not interested, it is not our fault. Nor is it their's. It is just the way it is.

So, world, expect to hear from me.


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