Percentage is WAY up... LOL  

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11/15/2005 8:15 pm

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Percentage is WAY up... LOL

I guess this group likes a challenge, or at least an impassioned plea. Just wanted to say thanks all who logged a response to my last post. It was all very encourging and gave me a smile.

Now that two people have noticed the two pics of my daughter, I thought I would tell you a litte about her.

First, she is 22 and single. But I have been told by her in conversations that the term 'single' has changed it's meaning. I alway thought the single was the opposite of married. Now I guess single means unattached. So, my daughter is 22 and 'involved'. She has a boyfriend, I hope that is the correct term, that is 29 and whom I think is a nice guy. Which means I will let her decide. Wait, the more I think of it, I guess I don't have any say in it anyway.

For you guys that have a daughter, you know the kind of relationship Dads and Daughters have is VERY different than the one we have with our sons.
I heard it explained this way:

Your offspring is heading for a cliff. What do you do?

Son: You wait till he is just on the edge and then pull him back.

Daughter: You see the cliff, you see her within 2 miles of the cliff, you put her in your car and take her shopping.

Another difference. You dads can relate to this:
'Daaaadddyyyyy, I love you' with her head tilted to the side and a smile on her face means either 'buy me....' or in general 'get me....' Tammi likes to add the shoulder hunch. But it seem to work for her. If I say 'what do you want?', she gives me the 'who me?' look. If William, my son, tried that, my response would be 'get a job!!!'.
Now to be fair, they are both great kids, and do both work.

But Tammi is special to me. She and I would be twins except that she is 34 years younger then me, and doesn't look anything like me (well, we have the same feet, and hands, and smile, and ears, and.....well, it looks better on her). But we have the same easy going attitude, like the same music (ALL kinds, although I am a little put off by ), love to sing, read, cook... value friends above almost anything, and think that sitting talking to someone interesting is just about the best time possible. When she was in High School, we would sometimes talk all night. That used to drive my wife CRAZY....LOL (just a side thought... I hope the man she marries can carry on a conversation, or he is in BIG trouble.)

She is an ALTO. Which means she loves to sing, but doesn't need to be the center of attention. She is one of those that, like the alto part, doesn't stand out, but you miss it when it is not there. BUT, if you listen for it, it enriches the music. And Tammi is the same. That is why her tattoo is 5 treble clefs in the form of a star. She knows she is a star, but doesn't need to hog the spotlight.

Well, enough for now. In a later post I might bring out the 'funny things my kids have done' photos, but not tonight.


rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
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11/15/2005 10:16 pm

i just went and looked at your daughters tattoo. very cool! i can tell you two are very close by the way you write of her. you are both so lucky to have such a relationship. but apparently, deserving of it too.


rm_CpuDocMi 67M
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11/17/2005 5:34 am

Thanks for your reply, and YES, we are both very lucky. I showed my daughter my blog. Since I mentioned her in it, I thought it was fair she read what I was saying about her. She came over and gave me a HUG and said thanks. But the interesting comment was about your pic, T&T. She didn't know what kind of site this was, and was a little suprised by the

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