Kingsford Michigan: Is it for real?  

rm_CpuDocMi 67M
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11/28/2005 4:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Kingsford Michigan: Is it for real?

I like to go through the "Who's online Now" list. I know it is tedious, but it is something I enjoy.

But I have noticed something. There seem to be a lot of girls online from Kingsford, Michigan. So, I pulled up Mapquest to find out where Kingsford is located. It turns out it is just ouside of Iron Mountain on the Mich/Wisc border. So my questions is this: Is kinsford the hotbed of AdultFriendFinder in Michigan?; Does Kinsford have an all girls College?; or are these some of the 'fake' profiles we have on here?

I have also noticed some profiles with the same picture for different girls in different citys. They all seem to start with 'luv' or have 'panties' in the handle. <---- more fakes?

Not that it is my job to be the "AdultFriendFinder police",... but sometimes it is hard to filter through all the noise. Do you think AdultFriendFinder should do something to fix that?

billybobobbriggs 42M
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11/28/2005 3:58 pm

Good eye Doc,

I have noticed the same thing.... Lots of Kingsford, Canton, and a couple other specific cities that pop up. Lovy______, _____panties, and ___flirt, etc seem to be pretty commonly abused to.

I will say, I think the UP has got some posters just due to the fact that the internet is a more efficient way for yoopers to connect than driving 60 miles to the neighboring town's bar.

As with all things, if it's too good to be true....

But the spam profiles don't seem to:
have silver/gold memberships

so if you don't see any postings or ever see them on IM or chatting... just pass them by.

Hang in there....

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