About Picksie: A Thank You.  

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1/1/2006 6:01 am

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About Picksie: A Thank You.

I wanted to post this here under a new title so it wouldn't get buried in the comment section of my last Blog.

As you all could probably tell, I was having a tough time on Friday. Not exactly sure why I posted all that drama, but I guess 'dumping' it here was a good thing... At least I feel better now. But not because I 'cleansed' myself... It was because of a gal named Picksie.

We met each other at a Meet&Greet here in Flint and have posted in the local interest group. We had even chatted a few times in AIM. But as I was sitting alone at the kitchen table on my laptop Friday evening, reading over my last post, wondering if I should delete it, or just get off this site all together, SHE sent me an IM.

At first I wasn't sure I would answer it. Chatting for me is not something I do all the time. I find it is sometimes difficult to keep up.(Me being a 4 finger typist) And it is not as good as a telephone call. But I replied. As we chatted, I found that I was smiling at some of the things she said. That I was INTERESTED in the things she said. We didn't talk about my post, I am not sure she had even read it yet. We just talked. And as we did, I found my attitude change. By the time we were done, I realised I was in a good mood again. That the things I am going through are just 'speed bumps' in my life, not mountains. That there are people out there that can effect me in positive ways, even when they don't try to FIX me or my problems.

So, I want to thank her publicly for helping me. She give me something very precious, her time and attention.


picksie 54M/51F

1/4/2006 12:49 pm

Gosh I have no idea where to begin on this...I had read it days ago, I look at your blog daily to see what you have written. As I read it I kept thinking to myself it's no big deal,and should I responed to it. I really enjoy chatting with you and your knowledge of things amaze me I find you interesting as I get to know you better..I had not read your blog yet on that day, I IM you just to say hello like any other day. I guess we don't relize what a little hello can do for somebody else...I know when I get one I can feel my lips curve up with a smile I guess just to relize somebody is thinking about me enough to say hi. I am a very chattie person always have been and always will be I enjoy chatting with people and getting to know them better..I know what this site is about and I'm looking for the same as ya'll but I'm looking for friendships also the kind you know whats going on personal with that person and maybe a few secrets shared also..Doc knows a few of mine now...but that's friendship and I do consider you a friend. I'm happy that I could do something to make you smile even tho it was just by saying hi to you and sharing..Picksie

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