Yesterday/Gestern 25.01.06  

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1/26/2006 3:28 am

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Yesterday/Gestern 25.01.06

Last night, my wife surprised me. I'm normally the one who takes the initiative in bed and rarely she. But last night though, we went to be as normal. I got into bed first and she followed after going in the bathroom. She normally wears a night shirt with just her slip on. She laid next to me, and as we always do, we snuggle up close together. I don't know why, but my hand always goes automatically to her thigh when we lay down together. My hand travelled up her thigh and I could not find her slip. To my surprise, she was not wearing one. She turned to me and started kissing my kneck. As I hate wearing anything restrictive in bed, I'm always clothes free down under. Well, I thought to my self, she really wan't it tonight, so I will lay back and let her do the job for a change. She started kissing my chest, with my left hand I started to finger her wet pussy and with my right hand a started to apply pressure to the top of her head to invite her down below for a bit of 'skull'. She followed my invation and move further down to what was now my throbbing dick that was waiting for some sort of attention. She pulled me back and gently started to lick my head, every now again though I would thrust my hips up so that she would get a deeper length of me in her mouth. Meanwhile we are having nearly New Orleans floods in bed, she was so wet. I lifted her leg up so that she could understand I was in for my favourite passion of licking her out. I just love it. I can't get deep enough in and my tongue goes like grease lightnening! I can bring her to a frenzy every time, and this time was no different. I change the location and the speed of my tongue often. If I stay on her clit too long she can't stand it and will jump on my dick too soon for my liking, so I have to alternate to bring her down a bit. It's a rollacoaster ride for her, up and down. I tongued her for a good 30 - 40 mins then there was no stopping her. She jumped off licking me and turned around and lowered herself upon my length. As I still wannted to tease her, I only thrusted slowly, building up speed and then dropping it, and then building up again. At the same time I would massage her breast and lightly bite her nipples. But even I've got my limitations. I could feel the edge of shooting my load on a few occasions, but manageed to reduce the speed to hold on longer, but as i realised that I could not stop the process, I rammed her as fast und hard as I could, and as lond as I could, she was breathing deeply more und more and with every thrust I did she was crying for me to shoot. So I did!

Yes, all in all it was good sex. I vary my positions quite often in bed as to avoid any routine coming into our sex, but licking her out is standard. I love it and I always want to tase her. Even when she is 'on' the rag, I'll still lick her out. On occasions I will pull her Tampon out with my teeth as well.

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