Who Am I?  

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8/24/2006 12:23 pm
Who Am I?

10 Things you'll like about me; I am:
- attractive (No Elle McPherson, admittedly!)
- affectionate
- happy
- positive (no gossip, please)
- easy to talk to
- stable
- emotionally available
- kind (I've done all the dumb things, too)
- a great friend
- interested in learning new things

My free time for the past few years has been spent at home, renovating my last house or in the garden ... and I love to have friends over. We hang out and chat or go out for a meal or to the movies and dancing.

Unfortunately, the 'additional questions' are way too much for me to want to answer publicly, but if we get on well and do become friends I'd be more than happy to talk about absolutely anything with you.

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