A dose of reality...  

rm_Corrran 52M
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3/12/2006 6:03 am

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4/1/2006 2:29 pm

A dose of reality...

I'm looking outside at the rain. Its the first real warm weekend of the year and yesterday, I did what I said to myself I'd do... Out came my bike!!!

Yes I'm a 41 year old guy reliving my teenage years by breaking out a 32 year old piece of my personal history. Last year after 20 years of sitting I put my old faithful motorcycle back on the road. This included resafety, a missing ownership, insurance (ugh), tires, chain, sprockets etc etc... but when gas hit $1.30 a liter, man it felt good!! I considered it my personal fight against the man! (oil companies partnered with our own gov't gouging)

By the time all was done, late October arrived... yeah my timing sucks but lo... I'm on 2 wheels, leather jacket and all, cruisin the streets!

Now comes the reality check...

Its 1am, saturday night, late fall... the air is crisp, the college students are out partying at the downtown bars.... I'm riding down main street of my town, checkin out the scenery.. yeah guys, you understand.... The urge for nicotine brings me to a stop roadside in front of some of the local establishments. I have to love the nicest tendency of a motorcycle which is parking it in any tight spot. So roadside I sit, helmet hanging on the handlebars, jacket open inhaling a DuMaurier.. I feel on top of the world, a rebel out for a night on his road machine!Thats when I hear the young female voice behind me..

"Oh, its just some old guy on the bike..."

I never saw who actually said it, though my suspicion was that definitely she'll be asked for I.D. at the door, but it struck home with me... I donned my lid, fired my machine back up, and headed back to the middle class neighborhood where I call home.

I thought about it over the winter and questioned my reasons for bringing out my piece of history. Did I want to recapture my "glory years" as a teenager? I've answered that question quickly... NO! I'm by far happier now than I ever was then. I have a great life, a great relationship with my family which has opened sooo many doors for me now that would have been closed had my life taken a different turn. Do I feel that I'm "old" and unattractive to the younger generation? No! I'm comfy in my skin. I look forward to sharing myself with people of any age if they are inclined.

I am what I am! (yeah I just quoted Popeye )

Let the clouds part, Its time to hit the road again!!!!

Corrran !

CrystalBlu4You 53F

3/12/2006 6:52 am

Corrran ...

Very nice story - and I feel a burst of comradry and understanding albeit from the female persepective. I'm smiling to myself because, like you, I'm 40ish and still have the heart of a 30-something. Remember when we used to say we were 30-something, as if that were old? Well, here we all are, in our 40s being called "sir" and "maam". (That ALWAYS kills me ... but I just smile inside because I know that I am more than a "maam".) Someone I knew used to ride a really awesome, classic motorcycle. Wow ... I really liked that about him and it enticed the same feelings as your story pulled out. That energy, spirit, maybe a little bit of a rebel. You know, when you are on a motorcycle, your whole persona is kinda out there for all to see. There has to be some confidence in who you are to ride. It signifies an edginess, a desire for adventure, a passion for life. It makes my heart skip beats, an occasional tear for missing him -- the guy who jumped a 9' fence to take a look at a sailboat for me. Sometimes it's the simplest things that define and shape who we are. And life molds us as we ride along. If a guy that age had made a similar comment about me driving in my convertible, I would have given him a quick, indifferent shrug of the shoulder and sly smile because it's most likely that he's not where I'm at in life and he doesn't fully understand women yet. Most of all, he doesn't know himself fully yet and what it feels like to be riding a motorcycle, 40ish, aware of life and the beauty of it, the challenging trials, the passion of love and love lost, and having an optimistic heart that never gives up. He will and she will -- and it's gonna come sooner than they realize!

Enjoy the ride you are on now!

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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3/12/2006 6:53 am

Vrrroooom, vrooommmm

Enjoy this great winter!!!

Purry {=}


libgemOH 56M/52F

3/12/2006 6:57 am

Can I ride too? I look really perty on the back of a bike! -B

smackyman 45M
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4/1/2006 8:51 am

I'm with you on the bike thing - mine's in the garage. The bulk of it in one corner and four boxes of parts in the loft. The 'rebuild' has been a work in progress for years! Good for you for getting out and enjoying yours. Forget the reality check - have a good time enjoying the breeze!

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