The Married one...  

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10/11/2005 8:25 pm

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The Married one...

The lucky thing for him was he was brilliant! Reading over his email to me, not one misspelled word, nice tone and sweet words. My panties were wet! 6'5 (my little fetish) and blue eyes, so yum! Big build, totally huggable and a desire to have a friend with bennys. Reading over his description of a perfect first meeting, I was smiling, I could see that too. He wanted to *makeout* and leave me wanting. Yea, he was so getting a email back! His email was longer than any guy had ever written to me, he had to have read my,
"One liners and dick pics get you ignored!"

He was close by and even worked in the same industry I do and of course he was happily married!!!! This is sooo boring!!!! I hate that schedule, I hate fucking with another woman's man, I hate not having someone's full attention, CLICK! Screw him...not talking to him, Why do all the married men email my ass!


Ya, so sez you buddy! Can I call her, ask her can I have hot sex with your husband?

Viola..he included 2 numbers, his cell and his home number and next to his home number, was her name and the business like, "Feel free to give her a call anytime." Oh Really???

Hmmmmmmmm, Open marriage? Swingers? Poly practioners? Very generous folks?

I could, he said, have a girlfriend and could see you on as regular a basis as you would like.. Word?... I thought.

I am a time junkie..I need to know or at least think that we are on my schedule, that I have some say in this deal, that my needs are being met when I need them to be.. I wrote back..

Don't start nothing you can't handle Married hot fuckable tall guy!

We met at a cool little place around the way, really tiny, it took him a bit to fold into the seat across from me. He never looked quite comfortable there. He leaned in close as we chatted over something or other that was fast getting cold and I had to smile, I knew he was going to be outrageously good in bed.
I knew that he was going to make me scream!

We madeout just above the city, in his car, fuck me, he could kiss! Big hands, big boy, he cupped my DD's easily and I was glad for no panties and his leather seats.
He left me wanting..


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