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10/21/2005 10:14 pm

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So...Sis, I

I am feeling slightly confused by the guy who sends me an email that starts with...

I know I am not your type..but I will lick you til you scream stop!

I am a pygmy and you have not been with a pygmy before I know so how you gonna say NO Pygmies? Try me! I'm good!

Now unless they are spraying pymies with a growth spray, I am not interested. But more than the fact that he is a pygmy (which means way shorter than me) its that he realllly thinks he is the one that will make me change a life long desire. Come on dude!!! I mean I don't write men who say...
They want a blonde, love blue eyes and married cuz they are too...I know better, that ain't me!

The couples/men who pretend to be couples really are in full force here. My latest one is a couple where they are moving to Indiana. Wife is there looking for a house, Hubby is a apartment here waiting to make the move (doh!) ok!!!
Sooo they write me and say Wife is bi, hubby is a pleaser, they are interested in me.
I shoot back, not bi, not interested.
I immediately got a well we are ok with that, hubby can play alone.
Oh yea?
Hubby then sends the first of 3 very explicit emails along with his cell phone number.
I then block him and lo and behold, I get a email from wifey, who is saying her hubby is very interested and didn't mean to shock me but she would really like it if we got together as she is so far away and he is all alone.
Yea..I feel you, shame, sad, whatever..but I am not donating pussy this month~
I have gotten a guy who said on his profile single but in talking with him, he has a long term relationship (22 years, 1 child) but he is here working and bla, blah, blah...forgetting the little thing called common-law and all..
With all the free pussy out there...WTF?
Truly, its a sign of the times that even here where everyone is here for the same thing..folks can't communicate. Folks cannot follow a simple profile to the truth of the matter. She might not be for you, but damn there are seven million other folks here that are.

rm_Cocokins 49F

10/24/2005 11:58 pm

I so feel you on that...I don't quite get it, do they just not read at all? I am now being what I don't like to be ..rude, I just don't answer those who don't fit what I am seeking.
There are way too many men who like bigger women here to be bothered by those who don't

rm_taproot6985 36M

11/19/2005 10:35 am

lol wow some crazy people out there!

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