NSA...and he was amazing~  

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10/12/2005 12:10 am

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NSA...and he was amazing~

LOL..that is new to me! I am not swinging correctly, where in the handbook is that.. NSA!?

NO STRINGS ATTACHED. I got a wink from a guy who had it in his title. WTF? Like its just that good, his dick would rock me that hard, so hard..that I am gonna get sprung; that I would become obsessed and want his dick all the damn time...lol, yea right.
One said I want to fuck a stranger, no talking, no last names, nothing just drop, shock and roll up outta there.
Interesting in theory....
Sexy thinking about it, erotic and maybe possible but for me, I like some friends with my fucking, thank you. That sweet need to please your *friend* not the desire to perform like a daytime hooker so that he agrees with what you said online. Yea, she is hot, we met, she swallows..CHECK!
No Strings attached. Many, many, many here have it splayed all over their profile, Be Discreet is another one..(code) for I am attached but creeping. Not like I am planning to buy a billboard, hell I don't even want you to testify ummm...give testimony (I find that so bizarre!!)

"Joe Blow was amazing!!!! He got a big dick and knows his way around a pussy!!! He worked my body over from head to toe..blah, blah and blah.. But ladies I am referring him to you honoring the old NSA rule!" Passing the good along~

Did you place your hand on the bible before you said that? You swear he was amazing? What if you are not a good judge of good sex? What if you only slept with your husband prior to this and he sucked (bad) and you with no experience have no clue.

Don't ask me to read your testimonals, I mean I will ..they interest me but I am not giving them much power. I just wanna see who you been with, lol, like everyone else here but it ain't getting you laid.
I also think that that is a string mind you...I mean we got together and you come back here and shout it from the computer screen!!
Naaaa No Strings, Be Discreet, keep it to yourself..

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